Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finally a New Year

Once again it has been a while since I have posted. Nothing new and exciting was going on, and no real kink was going on in the bedroom. lol. So nothing really interesting to discuss this past month, just living life and seeing where it takes us and making love any chance we get. Life has been busy lately and durring the past month ive given him little tests to see if hes all there, if hes still my Master...And of course he is! Always will be. I havent gotten a spanking in it seems like forever, and it turns Master on so much, I know he wants to paddle my lil ass. But he knows he spanks me when Im bad, and knows I shouldnt get his cock if I'm bad, but I told him if it turns him on that much, we can have just a little play session of spanking, I dont mind; I kind of like it, except when I'm being paddled for punishment. When he spanks me for his pleasure, its loving, he caresses my ass each time before he lifts his hand to smack, and at each raise of his hand I anticipate feeling that sting.

Yes, December was an odd month, but January seems to be starting off good, and we are getting back to ourselves as Master and submissive. I of course, am still thinking some of his decisions are not fair, but I still obey him because he in fact does know what is best for me. Things in our little world are good, but as for our surroundings, not so great. Things with his family have been a bit crazy lately, we can only hope things will work themselves out and I pray we dont get dragged into things that are not our business - which is a good reason why we live an hour away from them. But other than that things are looking good, and so is the job market, its getting better. I think I may be able to find work soon to help Master with bills. I'm happy I entered into another new year with the man I love.