Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh My How Time Flys!

I am so sorry, so so sorry I have neglegted this blog. Im sorry to my readers, Im sure you dont care about me anymore since I have been gone over a whole year. Well, there are some awesomely GOOD reasons for that. As you know, Master and I had been very busy with our schedules and such, and we had also started trying to create our own little family. I also kind of abandoned the blog because with all the social sites connecting to each other I was afraid I would be found out sometime soon. Our life like this is very private and secretive. No one we know in real life knows the D/s dynamic of our marriage...

So anyways! On to the good news! Master and I ended up concieving in November 2010, and I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy in August 2011. We are so filled with joy, and the pregnancy was tough with some slight complications, but our baby boy was born healthy and perfect. We can't imagine our lives without him. I will have to say though, it really turned Master on while I was pregnant and carrying his child. He keeps commenting to me about making another, and he just loves when Im pregnant. We do plan to have another sometime in the near future, we just take each day at a time and enjoy our time with our lil man.

I love that we are officially a family now. I love that I can look at my husband and know that he is our provider and my sons father. We want our son to know who's in charge in this house. Whatever Daddy says goes. I hate to see with other familys how the father is disrespected by the mother and children. Its not right. I will always make sure he sees his mommy respecting his Daddy.

Well I better go now and tend to my little one. I hope to blog on here frequently again. I do have a bit of time in my day now that I stay home with the baby. I wish you all well.