Sunday, February 7, 2010

UPDATE! (sorry no clever title name lol)

I hate neglecting my blog, as well as neglecting to read others. I truly hate it. I have just been so busy trying to keep up with school and my social life, that I seem to have no "extra time" to write in my blog. Right now I am taking a break from doing my homework to write. I just cannot stand to be stuck on one thing at a time. I'm always jumping from thing to thing, even with housework, I will be doing laundry, then get a thought to do something, do it, then forget what I was doing until later.... Yeah, maybe a slight form of ADD? Who knows... Haven't gotten that checked out at all. I don't really care unless I get something that keeps me on task. But who cares. This blog is about DD!

So anyways, Master is extremely busy also! He tells me maybe its best if I just dont look for a job. I would prefer to have a part time one at least. I miss having spending money. Master is extremely strict with money. I have no freedom with it whatsoever, which I hate. What girl doesnt like to go shopping every once in a while? But he is sweet, he gives me some cash when he gets bonuses and things like that. I really appreciate that he does those things for me.

Also, I havent been bad enough to get a hard spanking. So I guess that is good, but I can tell when I get on his nerves. I just wish he would put me in my place right then and there when that happens. I love when hes dominant like that. He does when we are at home, and will place his hand on the front of my neck to show me his dominance, and it really turns me on! He does many things that turn me on. lol

I am still trying to be his perfect submissive, but like I said before, we have been a little more lax on the subject of that. I'm hoping things get more strict soon. I cant be my best if he doesn't correct me..... That reminds me of that scene in The Shining when the man with the twins is talking about correcting his wife and children lol. Funny how those little things stand out to me.