Thursday, October 30, 2008


So today my Master is doing training with me. Last night we did a little also, and I already got spanked twice last night. None this morning because I am being a good girl. Sir let me come on the computer for an allowed amount of time today. I will probably be able to go on later tonight to let everyone know how the training went. The spanking last night were just for my mouth basically. Bad habits I have with slight attitude. Typical of what every girl will let slip. But this is why we are training, so I can better myself, and not let my "attitude problem" slip. I want to be the best submissive I can be. Today we are also going over more rules he has for me, and I have asked him to go over how my mannerisms should be toward him in public. He has told me at home, I am never to speak his proper name. It is to be Master, Sir, or the other names we have given to each other. And in bed it is only Master or Sir, while he calls me sweet submissive, or other names. So maybe you can see why I named my blog this? Because I am his sweet submissive. But I had better get off before he comes back from getting lunch, because he did not want me on here long today. Good luck to everyone else with their journey! Hopefully I can post how our training went tonight.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Love Him

I just wanted to say that I love my Master so much, and I am getting excited to finally be called HIS wife! Yay! Tomorrow is a day off that we have together with no previous set plans, so we are spending the whole day "training". I am excited! I have been waiting for a day for us to do this. Most of the time we are so busy on our days off that we don't have any alone time to fully be our roles as Dominant and submissive. We are ALWAYS with friends or family. Its nice to have this day together. I also wanted to make note that us women choose this lifestyle. We are not drug into it. It is ultimately up to us if we want to submit to our husbands. I just wish people had a better understanding of this lifestyle. We love each other so much, and would never do anything the other didn't want to do.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Please pray for LovingSub

Everyone please pray for LS. Her husband has passed, and now is the time that she needs prayer most. It is so horrible that this had to happen to her and her family. Words can not even express how I feel for her. I dont even know what I would do with myself if this happened to me. A DD relationship brings two people so close to each other. One is lost without the other. Please pray for her family that she can get through this. She is someone us girls can look up to for this lifestyle. She is so strong, and I pray that she can stay strong through this.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its been a while...

Oh, I have just been so busy lately with my wedding coming up, I have had hardly any time to get on here, or even check my emails. lol. I am so excited about us getting married. Its two weeks away. It feels like I can be fully submissive as his WIFE. It just brings a whole new meaning to it.

But anyways... I just feel bad for LS and AKM. I don't know what this person's problem is, but obviously, he/she doesn't have a life with anything better to do than to go lurking into our lives and be rude. I was on AKM's page a few days ago, and was trying to catch up on his blogs, and just blog after blog this woman (I am so sure it is a woman) keeps writing nasty things about him, and LS. What is the deal? If you don't like it, that's your opinion, but you don't need to go writing stupid childish things about it. I was so tempted to write things back, but then I knew it would just cause problems, and then I would be her next target. Well I wrote something back to AKM anyway, commenting on that person. He needed opinions, so I decided to say a little something. But whatever. If that person wants to be like that, well, its just sad honestly.

But back to me, I really want to be able to get on here and write something every other day. Hopefully after the wedding, I will have more time to. Me and my fiance had gotten a little "relaxed" about our lifestyle lately because we have both been busy. But last night we started getting back on track. We went over a few more rules, and I was submissive to him in every way. I felt so much better about everything after our talk and little training session. I just feel my self when we practice D/s. And now is the time when I really need him to be a strong HOH because I have been getting a little stressed. I am very thankful to have him in my life, and I wish the rest of you great happiness in your marriages. I will try to be on here more often, and to try and catch up on other's blogs, starting tonight.