Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not My Best Behavior

So I was very sick last weekend with the flu and the grogginess that came with it lasted all the way into Wednesday! Horrible. So during this time of being sick, I forgot my submissive ways, and when I started feeling better I let my mouth do what it does best. Talk. But with the attitude that Master hates. I feel bad. Master felt like I didn't respect him, and he is so wrong! I respect him the most out of everyone I know! I told him this. And he does forgive, but as many of you know, Masters aren't easy to forget your wrong doings, and he promised me a spanking with that paddle as soon as it gets here in the mail. I'm dreading it. I know it will hurt worse than his hand. And speaking of spankings, the day I got the flu, I got a good spanking before we left for our outings. I don't remember what i said, it was most likely my attitude as it always is. My tone. And when Master pulled my panties down he noticed a tiny little bruise on my butt cheek, we think it was from the spanking the week before that when he swatted me REAL hard. So he spanked me on my left cheek, because the right one had a bruise. And it hurt! He spanked me multiple times making me say that I will behave and that he is my Master. You would think I would learn to bite my tongue!!!! Well, he knows for sure that once I get a "taste" of that paddle that I will never want it again, and that it should help me to remember to think before I open that sweet little mouth of mine.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Something for Master

So yesterday I was online, and I wanted to buy something special for Master. So I came across a website that sells custom made paddles. You can even engrave them! So I picked one out and had it engraved. I will tell you what it says after Master gets it, because he reads this sometimes, and I want it to be a surprise for him when he gets it. So I was a little nervous about telling him what I had ordered for him. One, because I had ordered something without asking his permission, and two, would he like it? I ordered this because i want him to know I am serious and dedicated to this lifestyle. So when he got home, I told him i had ordered him a present. Of course he wanted to know the price, and all in all, it wasn't bad at all for an engraved paddle! only $30 dollars for total cost! Shipping is free to U.S and Canada. So he was a little pissed I ordered something without asking, but when he found out what it was, he was overcome by happiness! He said he really wanted one! So this made me very happy, and he said it shows that we are serious. I wish i had found this site during Christmas. it would have made a great present. Oh well! But here is the site, if any of you are interested:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't really been around too much lately, I guess I was pretty busy with trying to get this unemployment stuff straightened out, and well, when Master is home, I like to spend time with him, rather than be on the computer. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day. I know I did. My husband is so sweet. We did happen to have an unfortunate event happen though. My husband had ordered me a package from pro flowers. It was about $100 dollars, and he had paid extra shipping costs for it to be delivered on Saturday, for Valentines Day. Well it was 2pm and it still had not arrived. So Master went on the computer to track it, and UPS said that an unforeseen event had happened and it could not be delivered. He was very pissed off. He called UPS, and pro flowers to see if there was any way he could pick it up for me. Nope. No way. The whole thing is ridiculous, but he ended up getting the $30 dollar fee for the shipping to be taken off. Why should we pay for the expediated shipping, when we aren't even getting it on time? So I got kind of upset about it, you know, he spent so much money for this to be delivered to me on time, and to find out, its sitting in a truck, I am really hoping the flowers are in good condition. It is supposed to arrive today. I feel like yelling at UPS when they get here, but I must be lady like. I will just accept them with a smile. But the rest of the day was great. We got a hotel room, we tried to have dinner at olive garden, but OH MY GOODNESS was the line long. We had tried to reserve dinner, but um, apparently, they weren't doing reservations for that night. Pretty stupid. So we ended up going to a buffet at one of the nicer casinos. It cost $60 dollars! Well, he said thats what he had planned on spending, maybe more. But it was all good. It was a great dinner. When we got out of the restaurant, the line was stretching into the casino! I couldn't believe it! Good thing we went to dinner a little early (around 5 - 5:30). So then after that we went to a movie, "Hes just not that into you" I thought it was very cute! A little long for just a romantic movie it was like 2 hours, but I liked it, and so did he. Oh and I forgot to mention, he bought me a little bear and we went to See's candies to get a box of chocolate since my package wasn't there. Very sweet of him!

So while we were in our hotel room, we were talking, and he decided that when we got home he would write out a set of rules for me. One for at home, and one for when we are out in public. He has finished the one for at home, since this will be the one used immediately. I'm thinking about posting what he wrote, but I don't know. Its personal to me. So instead, I will just kind of summarize it. Basically it states, he is in control, everything needs to be approved by him, I always need to be available and ready for him, the house clean with dinner ready for him when he gets home, and one rule states that I MUST work out everyday, with no exceptions. So I mean, pretty basic DD rules from the HOH. I cant wait to see what he writes for us when we are out in public.

And to add the cherry on top, I was testing him last night, bad bad me. I was trying to get a rise out of him. I don't know why I did this. I had been so good, for I would say a pretty good long time. I guess maybe, secretly I was craving a maintenance spanking. He doesn't really believe in spanking me if I have been good. So for me asking him to spank me just to keep me in line, is out of the question. I have asked before, and he says If I have been good, why spank? Well sometimes I do need it, or I do get snippy. So anyways, I was just kind of testing him, I mean it was innocent, but he got pretty mad and as we were standing there, he turned me around and whipped my ass right there, really really hard with one swat. So it made me kind of mad, you know, no warning, but it was HIS rules we were playing by. So in that anger i turned and kind of hit him back. Well, that was a HUGE mistake. And I feel bad that I did that. I was the one who wanted this DD relationship, so I needed to accept his punishments, whether they be formal or informal, like that one. So he yelled and told me to get in the room, and he spanked me HARD. I still had my sweats on, but they were thin, and it hurt! Thank God I wasn't wearing a nighty, which I usually wear. But as I said, I feel horrible for that, he told me not to because I got punished, but I know I will never do this again. Well i better end this here, because this looks pretty long lol.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just a little update

Hi everyone. Not much exciting has been going on. Ive been a good girl for the most part. So no punishments, all though I would really love to improve my behavior. Not be so outspoken, our joke around so much with my Master. That is what he is. My Master. He needs to be respected, (which he is) and treated so. I should be more formal when speaking with him I guess. He loves and I love that we can speak whats on our minds, but I just feel I should be taken a more respectful tone when speaking with him.

In other news, I did get "walked out" at my job today. I don't find out till Friday if I'm coming back or not. I guess they are supposed to call me. Either way we are not too worried about it. My husband can take care of me and wants me to be at home for a little bit. Unemployment would help out a lot though till I find something else, but till then, I'm just waiting. I love how he cares so much about my happiness. I thought he might be kind of mad, but he isn't. Hes kind of glad because he knows how much I hate that job anyway. But I guess these are just my current thoughts for now, and I really want to improve myself. be the best submissive I can be, and with me being a housewife for a bit, I can always be ready for him when he gets home, and I love that!