Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This week is getting better

Okay, so I am really excited and nervous. I recently stated that I will most likely lose my job. I get over fifteen dollars an hour there, and well, I know I will have to settle for less if I want another job. It sucks, but if I don't find another job, I will be screwed. I may or may not be able to get unemployment, and to tell you the truth, I don't want it. I don't want to be in that situation at all. What if I cant find another job within the time frame? Its all crappy to me. lol. So yesterday when I got off work, I went online and just filled out applications for anywhere that was hiring in the city where we will be moving to soon. So I got extremely lucky, and got a call from a clothing store today to come in for an interview tomorrow. I'm thinking the most I will get at this job is ten dollars an hour, but I figure that's better than nothing and my HOH is fine with it. If I get the job there I will be so much happier. I'm miserable where I work now, and we have always discussed if the money is worth it. Its not. I guess things will just be tight. So I'm really excited about it, but extremely nervous. Ive had my job for over two years, with good pay and benefits. But I guess I have no choice because they basically told me I could lose my job, and I know its no lie.

Another exciting thing on my agenda is that we are looking to buy a house, and trying to get approved for a loan. Its so exciting! And this is especially why I need to find a job before I lose the one I have. It sucks, I made so many friends there. But where we are planning to move to, we will be close to family, and our best friends. All this is making me nervous and giving me a headache. But its all good things. We were looking online and found a house we really like. We just need to get the loan, and then we will get to go house hunting! YAY!

And on a D/s note: I'm still getting spanked for my mouth! I just need to keep it shut. I just mouth off sometimes. I need to be more respectful to my master. But I am getting better, sweeter. Im really happy that he is giving me permission to work at a lower paying job, because he knows how miserable I am at this one, getting hassled everyday about my production numbers. I know for sure though, that since he is going to be working harder and bringing in more money, that I need to be on my BEST behavior. I want him to know how much I appreciate what he does for us. He is the best, and I love him!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not a good week

So this week has not been too good for me. First things first, I did receive a bad spanking from my master for being annoying. I was just bothering him to bother him and mouthing off. It was very very hard, but he spared me by letting me keep my jeans on. Thank God! If I had been bare, I think I would have had cried to heaven lol. And on a sad note, our cat died this past week. I came home from work early on Wednesday at around 1:30pm, and he was outside, when I let him in he seemed like he didn't feel too good, but he acted fine. But later that night he started throwing up, and he went and laid in the bathtub. Well, we weren't sure what was wrong and hoping he was just sick. Thursday he layed in the bath tub all day long, and didn't get out at all. He looked very weak. Poor little baby. We left that night to be with my mom, she wanted to take us out for dinner since she didn't get to spend time with me on my birthday. It got late, and we stayed at her place. The next morning my husband left early to go home and check on him while i stayed at my moms. He called me with the worst news. He found him lying there in the tub lifeless. I started crying and was really upset all day. He was our first pet together. Our little baby. We had him since he was three or four weeks old. He was so cute when he was that tiny. He had a hard time eating because he was so little, and in between bites you could hear him go mew mew mew. lol. Like little whimpers. Its only been two days since he died. I keep thinking hes going to be there at the front door waiting for me. He was only a year and a half old. Poor lil guy. We think he was poisoned. Maybe anti-freeze. I read some things online. Anti-freeze is common for cat deaths, and his throw up was a greenish color. It said death can occur between 12 and 36 hours, and the symptoms he had seemed like that was it. Our other theory was that he ate a rat that had been poisoned. I don't know. I just miss him, and feel horrible that he went though that. All I know is that the next time we get a cat, it will be strictly indoor. We thought about a Persian. Ive always wanted one. But I miss him. My lil baby. He was such a mamma's boy.

Another crappy thing to happen was at work today. I basically got told I have 90 days to improve or I am fired. Its for productivity again. And The reason its my final is because apparently I had gotten too many first written warnings since February 2008. So yeah, this made me upset. Because I try at work. I don't stand around and talk. I work. I'm just not as fast as other people. My HOH told me to just quit and go do the CNA training they offer in a close-by city. I'm calling them tomorrow to see when the next classes start. He is so sweet. He told me he is sick of me being unhappy and that he will take care of me. The training is five weeks unpaid, but you are guaranteed a job after you get your license. He told me not to worry about not getting paid for five weeks, that he will take care of us. I love him so much, and I am so blessed to be married to him! I'm hoping my week turns out better.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm So Cold!

The past two days have been hell for me. Its in the middle of Winter, in Northern Nevada, and our heater broke! We have someone coming over to fix this problem today, but I am so cold!!!! We had this happen to us last year when we lived in an apartment. This year we are in a house, but why does this have to happen two years in a row? lol We have a little space heater, but it doesn't help much, and those things are dangerous! So I cant leave it on during the night.

But besides all this nonsense, my Master has been getting very strict with me, because I truly do need an attitude adjustment. Like yesterday morning, a perfect example. I am not in the best of moods early in the morning before work. I am not a morning person, and I don't like waking up at 5 am. So i don't even remember what it was about, but I got snippy with him, and he grabbed my arm, spun me around and spanked my ass! I got mad at this, and i grabbed him! So he scolded me. But long story short, I am learning my lesson slowly but surely. I can now see that he is not going to let anything past him. So I guess I am really going to start watching my ass, literally!

Friday, January 2, 2009

To a Great New Year!

Hello Everyone, I am so sorry, I have not been on in a long long while! I feel bad about it. I like coming on here and sharing my thoughts with all of you, I love reading everyone elses thoughts also. And I wanted to say thank you, AKM, I think I will take your suggestion, and focus on learning how to speak sweetly.
Oh we have been so busy at my job, so much overtime during the Christmas season, which is why I have not had much time to go on here and write. We were working five eleven hour days! in a warehouse! I mean, working eleven hour days or even twelve, wouldn't be so bad if i were in an office, but man, I was worn out! Sometimes I would just get home from work, and be so tired, I wouldn't even want to come log on to the computer. And speaking of computer, another reason I was not on here was the monitor was broken! I guess it just wore out, wouldn't stay on for more than a second. It really sucked! So my Hubby and I just got so sick of it, he said that we are buying a new monitor. I was really happy about that. We went out and bought it on Christmas Eve. I looked to the cheaper Acer brand, but he insisted spending a hundred more on an HP, knowing it was the much better brand. He is very sweet like that.

So anyways, during all this overtime he and I worked, we kind of fell out of our DD ways, I mean it was there, I was respectful and the like, but he let me slip up a lot, and I soon reverted to my old ways. We both, are not pleased with this at all. Last night we had a talk, and decided we needed to get back on track ASAP! So we did, and I did get spanked last night, for not obeying him. Ah I feel that the progress I made is some how lost, but I have been so much better at certain things. Especially in the car. I really need to work on this a lot. I know I'm not the only girl who does this either. lol. When he drives, which is almost always now, I will tell him slow down, and you know, just be a "backseat driver". So what I have been doing is just doing something else while he drives. Fumble with my ipod, read a book, whatever. Because I don't know, I trust him, but I just need to learn to let go. I don't do this when my dad drives, so why should I do this when it is my husband? This is one of the hardest nasty habits of mine to let go. I always say to myself, I will be quiet, but some how i always end up saying something. I guess with time it will get better.

And Kristen, I updated my instant messenger a couple weeks ago, and after I did, somehow your ID got deleted. It was so weird, so don't think I didn't want to message you or anything. If you still have my ID you can request me again if you want.

I also wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year in 2009!