Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love for my Master

I cant believe its been so long since i have posted! Kind of pisses me off... more so that I am contributing to the others who no longer are posting. It just sucks. I miss coming on here and reading everyones blogs. It kind of puts me in the right state of mind, and when I write, it helps improve my attitude towards my Master and myself. So I apologize to those who do read my blog. I did not want to neglect it, just as I NEVER want DD to fade into the background. I love it too much! lol.
I was listening to Korn, and well, it reminded me of how much I want my Master to take advantage of me. Then it reminded me that I need to get on here and write. Im just mad at myself that I didnt even get to write on Valentines Day and wish everyone a good time. Oh well, I am really going to try and make an effort to update at least once a week. Nothing interesting really happened this week. Master has been working a lot. I did get a spanking towards the end of February, I was being bratty, and it hurt! But secretly, I really love it. It puts me in my place and proves to me the control my Master has over me. I wish he would do it more often. Like maintenance spankings. I dont know, it just really evens things out for me. I know we have been crazy busy, but I am ready for him to be extra strict with me about his rules. I need that control. I am going to talk to him tonight when he gets home. I will keep you posted if he sets out new rules, or whatever he decides. I love him so much! He is so loving and always wants the best for us. I love the life we have together, and DD makes it oh so much better!