Sunday, August 23, 2009

Master's Rules

I'm so happy! Master is getting more strict. He has finally taken an interest in writing out my new rules! He already has almost a whole page filled with his expectations of me, and he says he plans to continue them and write another page for me. I'm so happy he is doing this, because I really need structure, and without knowing exactly what he expects of me, how am I to be my best submissive self for him? I love that now I will have some strict guidelines to follow. I noticed that one of the things he has decided on doing was weekly maintenance spankings. He feels I need it. It brings structure to my life. I am happy he has decided to do this for me. I made a promise to him that whatever he has written down, I will try my best to live up to those standards everyday. So I asked him not to leave anything out. I cant wait until he is done writing everything down, I will probably post a few here that seem to stand out the most.


His Angel said...

YAY!!! SS, so happy for you. I kept bugging Master about becoming more dominant again, and I guess I was "topping from the bottom" today he told me when I left him alone about it, and just let him lead me he will go back to dominating me. It was an wake-up call. Can't wait to read some of your rules!!!



mia said...

oh sweetestsub, this is wonderful
news! detailed written lists are
delicious, just holding them &
reading them & thinking on them
turns me on - and weekly "hot
toddies" yeah - nothing spells
love or a happy sub like a religious adherence to keeping
the bottom hot & keeping your
behavior on target.

anxious to read the "list"


Petal said...

I love my list of rules, but it so short. I cant wait to see yours and compare.

Little One said...

I'm very happy for you, Sweet Sub. I can't wait to find someone who can put some structure into my life.

Hope all is well, and looking forward to reading all of the blogs that you follow.